present awareness

As our fixed ideas about experience change, we see that up to now we have scarcely appreciated our immediate experience. This lack of attention has reinforced our tendency to live in the past or to seek new experience in the future. We can change this around [ through practice ] … As our experience opens to wider perspectives, our senses, our body, and our consciousness become vibrantly alive. Patterns of craving and frustration give way to the flowing interaction with the process of living. All imbalances drop away, and whatever satisfaction or healing we need is provided naturally. This protection, this balance, this genuine self-sufficiency allows us to open to the endless possibility of each moment and to discover the richness and depth of all experience.

~Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche



Once we commit a negative action, unless it is purified we will experience its consequences. We can’t shrink the responsibility or try to make the karma disappear by justifying it. It doesn’t work that way. Whoever commits an act will infallibly experience its results, whether positive or negative. Every movement of our thought, words, and deeds is like a stitch in the fabric of our coming reality. Latent in our present experience are oceans of karma from countless past lifetimes, which under the proper conditions will come to fruition. In order to find liberation from samsara, we must work at the causal level, not the level of results, the pleasure and pain that are the consequences of our behavior. To do so, we need to purify our earlier mistakes and change the mind that plants the seeds of suffering, purify the mental poisons that perpetuate endless karma.

~Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche



I pay homage continuously to those residing on (bodhisattva) grounds who possess the pure and stable minds seeing to the other (shore), who are like an ocean of the profound way of the dharma – to those unsurpassable residers who possess superior aspiration, who meditate in completion (on emptiness) and who take it to heart well.



since beginingless time…

​At no time throughout the beginningless succession of lifetimes has there ever been an actual birth. There has only been the appearance of birth. There has never been actual death, only the transformation of appearances like the shift from the dream state to the waking state . . . throughout the beginningless succession of lifetimes there has never been any actual experience of transition or going from one state to another, or any actual experience of being located in some other place. This is analogous to the images in a dream.



​”Bodhicitta, the intention to realize enlightenment for the benefit of others, frees you from attachment to yourself, frees you from attachment to others, and frees you from attachment to freedom itself. Genuine compassion is infused with detachment. This is how you cultivate the motivation to enlighten without any hope or expectation.”

~Phakchok Rinpoche


​Waiting in the checkout line at Whole Foods I met one of my teachers. The person in front of me was checking out. They had bought hot prepared food which is sold by the pound. When the clerk weighed the food container and said what the price was, the customer said he only had $20 and would have to put some back. He walked over to the food bar, took food out and returned to checkout. The container still weighed too much for the money he had. The clerk kept waiting. He repeated this process of walking back to food bar, taking food out and returning 3 times. I finally got impatient and moved to an empty checkout and got right out. I knew exactly what happened instantly. My teacher was the customer who kept going back and forth, taking too long. He clearly showed me my hidden fault of impatience.